National Numeracy Day

National Numeracy Day

Today we celebrated National Numeracy Day and we focussed on the quote, "The only way to learn Mathematics, is to do Mathematics" (Paul Halmos, famous Mathematician).

Primary Five are currently exploring Egypt as their topic. Today the boys and girls were set the challenge of building a bridge using Lego, over the River Nile. The bridge had to be strong enough to support the weight of a small orange.

Lots ot Mathematical thinking went into the length, height and shape of the bridge. The number of pieces of Lego needed was also discussed as well as the weight of the orange when it was placed on the bridge. Everyone worked well together, sharing their ideas, explaining their reasons and justifying their choices of the shape and size of their bridges.

Once all the Primary Five Pharaohs had successfully built their bridges, it was time for their second task. I gave each pair of children 35 Multilink cubes. They were asked to build a pyramid, using all the cubes. The pyramid had to have three layers to it. Once this had been successfully completed, it was brilliant to hear the children predictng how many cubes would be needed to form a fourth layer on the base of the pyramid.

We certainly enjoyed exploring Mathematics in such a practical form and we are already thinking of more challenges to complete! Well done P5.

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