Beebots and Scratch Junior on the Ipads

Beebots and Scratch Junior on the Ipads

As part of our coding activities, the children used the ipads to complete two apps called 'Beebot and Scratch Junior'.

To consolidate the work done on the actual beebots out in the corridor and on the dinosaur mats, the children used the ipads to virtually move an avatar. Like the actual beebot, they had to move forwards, to the left and do right turns, etc.

A step further and natural progression was to use the 'Scratch Junior' app.

The children had to pick a background, select their own avatar and basically input instructions so that the avatar moved. This quickly progressed. The avatar could jump or spin round. A second avatar could and was added. The colour of the avatar was changed. The sequences were put on loops so they wouldn't stop. Sound was put on. As a final option, which we will hopefully get on to next time, text can be added.

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